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I am born in India and located in Montreal, Quebec. Acquiring Graduate degree in visual art, I specialized in Painting, Printmaking, Murals, Indian art and Creative arts. Also, expertise in Color Theory, Rules of Abstract arts and Art psychology which is important to build any kind of art piece. I have been making art for 10 years and now wish to offer my creativity to world out there. “WHY PAINT YOUR WALL, WHEN YOU HAVE ART” I make ABSTRACT CANVAS ART and I tend to capture the MOODS into the painting through different colors and bold brush strokes. I tend to work on a canvas piece, till I reach peak of satisfaction. My forte is creating SYMBOLIC ART. The inspiration to my artwork origins from Indian Tribal Art. It is a major reference of Primitive art and Modernism, how I tend to develop an artwork, which speaks both to me and to viewers about its Aesthetics. The artwork undoes the unfolding of multiple dimensions into a singular plain. With the formal arrangements and multi-layering of Lines and Shapes (Organic / Inorganic) into a Geometric Composition. Also mirroring part of an image, repetitive patterns and Image making. Forms are composed in a manner that they tend to build a personal image in each viewer all very differently. And as per their perception or ways of seeing. This is the key reason most of my painting are left Untitled by purpose. For me giving Title, makes parameter of viewing and studying an artwork on its own way. Now about Art mediums I use all kinds of Acrylics paints, Oil paint, Water color, Pastel and pencil and others.

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